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Very professional and kind dental office. I purchased a teeth whitening package and am pleased with the process of having my trays made. I'm looking forward to using the whitening system. Highly recommend this dental office!

Dentist near Roseville, CA explains what holistic dentistry is and how it benefits you

What is Holistic Dentistry in Roseville area

As a biological dentist, Dr. Darryl Azouz of Sacramento Natural Dentistry often gets questions from prospective and current patients in Roseville, Citrus Heights, and Sacramento areas about what holistic dentistry is. Here, he answers several frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the benefits of this field of dentistry for not only your oral health but also your overall well-being. What is holistic dentistry? Holistic dentistry, also commonly referred to as biological dentistry, is an approach to dentistry that focuses on treating the patient as a whole, rather than individual oral health issues. At the core of holistic … Continue reading

Three unexpected benefits from biological dental services in Citrus Heights, CA

Holistic Dentistry Citrus Heights, CA area

Has trying to achieve and maintain good health become an exhausting cycle of describing symptoms to doctors, taking medicines, then dealing with side effects? Has the process left you weary in body, mind, and spirit, wondering if you will ever feel naturally good again? The solution could be in your mouth. As many patients in the Sacramento and Citrus Heights, CA area are discovering, a holistic dentistry practice can help you find answers, with services tailored to your unique physiology. Prevention isn’t just a buzzword While most dentists genuinely care about preventing oral issues, that may primarily revolve around encouraging … Continue reading

Biological dentistry: Personalized wellness strategies for patients throughout the Roseville, CA area

Biological Dentistry in Roseville CA area

While we, as humans, share basic characteristics, each of us is utterly unique, from DNA to appearance and lifestyle. Biological dentistry recognizes your individuality with a personalized plan of prevention, treatment, and maintenance. With this style of dental care, the dentist and hygiene team partner with you to keep your mouth vital in ways that promote healthy body balance and emotional wellbeing. Health-conscious individuals from Sacramento to Roseville, CA are discovering the life-changing level of dental care at Sacramento Natural Dentistry in Citrus Heights. Basic tenets of biological dentistry There is no specific rulebook for biological dentistry. Rather, this type … Continue reading

What to look for in a biological dental office in Sacramento

Biological Dental Office Sacramento

Healthcare consumers in Sacramento are savvy. They recognize the vital role oral health plays in overall wellness, quality of life, and appearance. They understand that biological dentistry makes sense in achieving and maintaining oral health. They want to find the right dental office to meet those goals. Here are some important points to consider as you select a dental care partner. Five general characteristics Friendly reception – For most people, a dental appointment is an inconvenience in their day, and possibly a source of anxiety. A big smile and warm welcome go a long way toward creating a pleasant experience. … Continue reading

Dentist in Citrus Heights area practices biological dentistry for a healthier mouth and body

Citrus Heights area practices biological dentistry for a healthier mouth and body

If you’ve never heard of a dentist offering ozone therapy, adhering to international protocols for the removal of mercury-containing “silver” fillings, or comprehensive exams that include a discussion of nutritional and supplementation needs, you are not alone. Not every dentist can legitimately claim to be a “biological” dentist in the Citrus Heights area. Sacramento Natural Dentistry offers the services mentioned above and a number of other approaches united by the following characteristics: Each technique, type of procedure, and dental material used by the dentist promotes whole-body health. For instance, the holistic dental team will select conservative procedures such as inlays … Continue reading

Health benefits of choosing a natural dentist in Citrus Heights, CA

choosing a natural dentist in Citrus Heights, CA

Our world has progressed to the point that our bodies and minds are constantly bombarded by things that are not good for our health. Pollution, processed foods, stress, and constant connection with electronics are some of the things proven to have negative impact on our health. We are personally responsible to make choices and take steps to improve our quality of life. One simple way to make a change is by choosing a holistic dentist. A natural dentist will have investigated this aspect of care thoroughly, reducing the need for complicated personal research. In biological dentistry, products, materials, and methods … Continue reading

Holistic dentist in Citrus Heights, CA explains how biological dentistry benefits patients

Holistic dentist in Citrus Heights, CA explains how biological dentistry benefits

Holistic dentistry is a new concept to many people. Patients may wonder why they should choose a holistic dentist over a general dentist. A patient who chooses a holistic dentist is also choosing an advocate for their overall health. This provider will not simply fix a problem, but will evaluate aspects of the patient’s health and life as a whole, and integrate that into determining the best treatment to meet their individual needs. In biological dentistry, the things that are chosen for treatment are designed to work in harmony with a person’s body systems in the most natural way. Good … Continue reading


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Rating: 5 Sacramento Natural Dentistry - Reviews

I love this office! Dr. Azouz is the best dentist my family has ever had. I have had nothing but positive experiences every time I have had anything done in this office. I have referred several friends and family and all have been so happy with Dr. Azouz. My kids now love going to the dentist and I appreciate how good Dr. Azouz and the staff are with them. This is an office you will not be disappointed in, and is great for all ages!


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