CEREC® Dental Crowns

Dentist's assisstant operating CEREC Milling machineDental crowns are used to protect a tooth that has worn down, been broken, or has otherwise become significantly compromised. Crowns were at one time called “caps” because they look like hollow teeth and are placed right over natural tooth structure. In addition to preventing further damage, a crown can restore a lovely appearance. Following the placement of a custom crown, chewing function returns to normal, and discomfort from the dental problem is resolved. In most cases, Citrus Heights area patients need to wait extended periods of time for their crowns, but our team provides CEREC technology for faster restoration and fewer appointments.

New technology maximizes time and efficiency

Metal free ceramic dental crownsAt Sacramento Natural Dentistry, we are dedicated to top quality dental care in a friendly setting. We respect the fact that your time is valuable and are pleased to offer expedited crown treatment that will get you back to your normal routine right away. This includes providing CEREC dental restorations.

The standard crown process involves multiple steps and at least two visits. In the first visit, damaged tooth material is removed and X-rays and impressions are made. These will be sent to the dental lab where a final restoration will be made from durable metal-free ceramic or porcelain. A temporary crown is cemented to the tooth. It is necessary to return to the dental office after about ten days to have the temporary removed and the final crown put into place. With innovative CAD/CAM technology, we can complete this entire process in a single visit.
The CEREC system allows us to bypass the need for messy impressions as well as the dental lab. To complete your tooth restoration we will gently remove the damaged area of the tooth before taking digital impressions with our laser scanner. This technology captures the fine details of teeth and returns the most customized crown available. The digital impression transfers from dental software into the milling center located right here in our office. In about an hour’s time, your final crown is carved from a block of high-quality ceramic that looks and feels natural.
Crowns made in the CAD/CAM system are not only convenient and quick; they have been shown to be extremely long lasting due to optimal fit. If you are interested in expedient, customized restorations, talk with our CEREC dentist about our in-office crowns during your next visit.


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