Citrus Heights area dentist offers revolutionary approach to treat and prevent dental problems: ozone therapy

dentist offers revolutionary approach to treat and prevent dental problems

You may associate ozone with the part of the earth’s stratosphere responsible for protecting the planet from harmful pollutants.

Ozone has been used for many decades for beneficial applications ranging from food preservation to water treatment. Ozone as a medical therapy can be traced back to the 1800s. Dentists first used it in Europe in the 1930s. While it may be a new therapy to you, it has a proven record as an effective and safe healer.

What is it exactly?

The term “energized” or “super” oxygen is apt, because ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen containing three atoms. The “energetic” part comes from its wanting to kick off an atom, returning it to the more stable oxygen.

When this process occurs, wonderful things happen. The oxygen shed as part of this process is forced beneath the tooth’s surface. Bacteria behind early-stage decay are killed before progressing to cavities or other dental problems. It sets off a process that includes the removal of bacterial waste to halt the continued progression of existing cavities.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of ozone therapy. The Sacramento Natural Dentistry team can confidently say this approach is not toxic, because your body produces ozone naturally. White blood cells make ozone to kill harmful disease or infection causing pathogens.

This type of therapy harnesses an understanding of how the body heals itself naturally, so oxygen has been called the world’s most powerful medicine.

How is it used the dental office?

Energized oxygen in therapy comes in two forms:

  • Liquid
  • Gas

Ozone may be administered without anesthetic. It can be added to water and liquids such as olive oil or jojoba to create an antimicrobial compound, ozonide.

The gas may be delivered safely through a custom handpiece to treat one tooth at a time. Custom-made trays treat many teeth at once.

Since ozone is biocompatible, even the littlest patients can benefit.

How can it help oral health?

Name a condition and ozone therapy may help, a feature that makes it the perfect fit with a biological and integrative practice like Sacramento Natural Dentistry. Ozonated water as a pretreatment rinse disinfects the mouth. Gas may be used in periodontal pockets susceptible to gum disease. Custom trays may treat tissues and prevent or stop the progression of decay and cavities.

Ozone therapy’s wound healing and immune response attributes have been applied to root canal treatment, and the treatment of:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Canker sores
  • Cold sores
  • Bone infections

New applications are arising all the time. One day you might even be able to get a “whole-mouth ozone treatment.” Imagine a natural remedy that beautifies teeth while maintaining gum health and reducing the risk of cavities.

It is used in other areas of medicine to treat conditions ranging from macular degeneration, diabetes, and joint damage to chronic pain, herpes, and hepatitis. As a holistic dentist, Sacramento Natural Dentistry knows some of the medical conditions listed here are linked to the inflammation and bacteria associated with gum disease. You cannot talk about oral health without addressing overall wellness.

See how your Citrus Heights area dental team uses ozone to relieve troublesome teeth and mouth related conditions by treating underlying causes. Sacramento Natural Dentistry professionals offer what millions of patients worldwide have benefited from for years. Call (916) 823-8585 to schedule an appointment with the dentist and his team.

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