Ceramic dental implants: The healthy way to restore smiles in Citrus Heights

healthy way to restore smiles in Citrus Heights

Your mouth is a complex mechanism. Each component, from soft tissues to teeth, acts in symbiosis with the others. When a tooth is congenitally missing, is lost due to trauma, or has to be extracted, its absence is felt throughout the mouth and the body. If the tooth is not replaced, remaining dentition shifts out of position. This throws the bite out of balance, and can cause unusual wear or TMJ disorders. A missing tooth also impacts the attractiveness of your smile, and your ability to speak clearly and eat a well-balanced diet. Sacramento Natural Dentistry is committed to providing the safest biological tooth replacement options, including ceramic dental implants, to patients in the Citrus Heights area.

Dental implant basics

A dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth, with a small cylinder inserted into the jawbone. Bone fuses with the implant, providing stability, usually for a dental crown restoration. In the past, a titanium alloy was the material of choice for dental implants. Fortunately, other alternatives are now available for patients who choose not to have metal in their mouths.

Why choose a ceramic dental implant?

  • Biocompatibility – Ceramic implants are made from zirconia, a material that integrates into the jawbone without causing inflammation and without risk of rejection.
  • Allergies and sensitivity – For many years, manufacturers of titanium dental implants have touted an allergy rate of just four percent, yet sensitivity may appear as inflammation and itchiness, years after the procedure. Plus, the number of people with skin sensitivities, allergies, and compromised immune systems is on the rise in this country. Zirconia implants are hypoallergenic.
  • Strength and durability – Porcelain implants are designed to withstand the even the bite force of molars, to restore full chewing function. The one-piece post and abutment design also reduces risk of failure.
  • Body-friendly – Ceramic dental implants resist chemical corrosion and are “bioinert,” meaning they will not trigger chemical reactions in the body. Zirconia does not conduct electricity or heat, which could interfere with normal body functions, and does not encourage bacterial growth. Non-metal implants do not block meridians, channels that carry energy through the body.
  • Aesthetics – Simply put, white implants are more attractive. They maintain the pink and white contrast that appears naturally in the mouth. They do not detract from the luster and translucency of a porcelain crown, and there is no “metal aura” at the gum line.

Staying current with metal-free implant technology

While the concept of dental implantation is well established, developments in materials and techniques continue to evolve. Dr. Darryl Azouz recently attended an IAOCI (International Academy of Ceramic Implants) Congress on Ceramic and Metal-Free Implantology. He seized the opportunity to expand his knowledge base, learning from some of the top researchers, biomaterials experts, immunologists, and clinicians, to better serve patients at Sacramento Natural Dentistry. “Bioceramics in Dental Implantology: From Surgery to Final Prosthetics” covered topics such as zirconia as a dental implant material, hypersensitivity to metal dental and orthopedic implants, and osseointegration of zirconia vs. titanium implants.

There is much more information about ceramic dental implants that we’d like to share with you. Call Sacramental Natural Dentistry at – (916) 823-8585 to schedule a one-on-one consultation. This is dentistry for your life, not just for your mouth.

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