Citrus Heights dental practice helps patients avoid need for emergency dental treatment

Sacramento Natural Dentistry helps patients avoid need for emergency dental treatment.

Hospital emergency departments across the country saw the number of patients seeking treatment for dental pain jump dramatically from 2000 to 2010 (from 1.1 million to 2.1 million incidents). Emergency departments are not usually equipped to provide emergency dental treatment, so care generally consists of pain medication, antibiotics, and referral to a dentist – an appointment that may not be kept, resulting in a return trip to the ED. Yet most urgent dental situations can be prevented with regular dental care services at Sacramento Natural Dentistry in Citrus Heights. 

Preventing dental issues 

The most common dental emergencies involve toothache, abscess, or trauma. Any of these situations leave you in physical and emotional distress until treatment can be performed. They require time out of your busy schedule and involve substantial expense. For example, a broken or infected tooth may require extraction, at an average cost of several hundred dollars and a few days of recovery time. Wouldn’t you rather avoid the discomfort, inconvenience, and expense?

The team at Sacramento Natural Dentistry can help, with:

The team at Sacramento Natural Dentistry can help you in lot of areas

  • Defensive tactics – A biological approach to dental care recognizes that whatever is going on in your mouth affects the rest of your body. The reverse is also true. We stress whole body nutrition to nourish the mouth and all other functions of the body that support it. This results in healthier gums and stronger teeth, reducing the chance of dental emergencies. Regular professional cleanings with gentle techniques such as ultrasonic scaling and ozone therapy help to keep the oral cavity vital, without the use of harsh chemicals. Our hygiene team also provides hands-on instruction in proper brushing and flossing technique, and advice on products that do not disrupt the biological terrain of the mouth. If you are a bruxer (clench or grind at night) or play contact sports, a custom-fit mouthguard can avoid stress fractures, gradual dental deterioration that has a way of making itself known suddenly, and traumatic injuries.
  • Early detection – Often the difference between a small, scheduled treatment and a big, emergency procedure is catching the problem early. Many factors influence dental health from genetics to stress, spinal alignment, and environmental circumstances, so all problems cannot be avoided with good home hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. With regular checkups, gum disease, dental caries, potential oral cancers, and bite and alignment issues can be identified early, when treatment is least invasive and most effective.
  • Effective treatment – Sacramento Natural Dentistry provides a range of dental care services to repair problems that do occur, restoring oral function and the appearance of your beautiful smile. We are a mercury-free and mercury-safe practice. No amalgam fillings are placed. Instead we use BPA-safe composite resin filling materials that blend unnoticeably with the color of your natural dentition. Maybe you have an amalgam filling that must be removed because the tooth has cracked or developed decay beneath the filling. Or perhaps you choose to have amalgam removed for the aesthetic and potential health benefits. We employ amalgam removal methods that provide the highest level of patient protection from mercury vapor and particles, also safeguarding the dental team and the environment. Crowns are fabricated on site, with advanced CEREC CAD/CAM technology. 
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Emergency dental treatment in Citrus Heights 

Sacramento Natural Dentistry is recognized throughout the Sacramento, CA area as a leader in biologically-friendly dental solutions

Despite an excellent preventive regimen, dental emergencies can happen. An old filling or root canal treatment may allow infection to develop deep at the center of a tooth. An annoying intermittent toothache becomes acute throbbing pain that is impossible to ignore. Or perhaps a day at the pool becomes a slip and fall that shatters a tooth. Maybe a restoration breaks or comes loose. Don’t worry – we are here for you. Just call or text (916) 823-8585 and we’ll do our best to see you promptly during regular office hours. We allow time in our daily schedule to accommodate urgent situations.

Sacramento Natural Dentistry is recognized throughout the Sacramento, CA area as a leader in biologically-friendly dental solutions using the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, and the safest available materials and techniques. Our goal is to help you enjoy a stunning smile and improved wellness for life. Call (916) 823-8585 to schedule an appointment.

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