Three unexpected benefits from biological dental services in Citrus Heights, CA

Holistic Dentistry Citrus Heights, CA area

Has trying to achieve and maintain good health become an exhausting cycle of describing symptoms to doctors, taking medicines, then dealing with side effects? Has the process left you weary in body, mind, and spirit, wondering if you will ever feel naturally good again? The solution could be in your mouth. As many patients in the Sacramento and Citrus Heights, CA area are discovering, a holistic dentistry practice can help you find answers, with services tailored to your unique physiology.

Prevention isn’t just a buzzword

While most dentists genuinely care about preventing oral issues, that may primarily revolve around encouraging twice-a-year checkups that include topical fluoride treatment. Meanwhile, their services tend to be directed more toward restoring dental problems that do occur.

A true biological dentist devotes his career to helping you avoid dental disease, with a comprehensive approach that begins with a nutritional analysis. A healthy body is the product of a robust mouth, and oral wellness can only be accomplished with a diet that supplies necessary nutrients. Then the dentist takes extra steps to ensure biocompatibility – that materials used in your mouth represent the best possible match for your body chemistry. That reduces risk of unfavorable reaction in the future. The third component of prevention is patient education. You can expect a biological dentist to take plenty of time to explain diagnoses, interconnection of mouth and body, home care instructions, treatment options, and other aspects of dental care.

Treats systems not symptoms

The focus of modern medicine and conventional dentistry, from cancer to cavities, is generally treatment of symptoms. Of course, treatment that relieves discomfort, repairs damage, and stops the progression of disease is vitally important. The biological dentist, however, is also intent on determining underlying imbalances within systems (circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, etc.) of the body that present as dental problems. Holistic dental care may be a bit more involved initially, but rather than putting a band-aid on a problem, it generally gets you on the best path to overall wellness. Many patients new to biological dental care are surprised to learn that, as the condition of the mouth improves, they feel better all over.

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Materials and methods matter

Materials and methods matter in Citrus Heights, CA area

While a holistic dentist embraces many conventional aspects of dentistry, you will find some traditional materials and techniques absent from the practice, and several alternative methods present. A holistic dentist is concerned for your whole health. He is cautious with anything that goes into your mouth, giving full consideration to the impact it may have on your body, emotional wellbeing, and wellness.

For example, at Sacramento Natural Dentistry:

  • No amalgam fillings are placed. Instead, the doctor uses biocompatible, BPA-safe composite resin bonding material and metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges for restorations that blend beautifully with your smile.
  • Extra precautions are taken to remove amalgam. We follow stringent protocols to protect the patient, as well as the dental team and the environment, from unnecessary exposure.
  • Natural enamel fortification. Rather than applying fluoride, we promote dietary and lifestyle changes that help your body naturally populate saliva with the minerals needed for strong tooth enamel.
  • There are no unnecessary extractions. Orthodontic treatment can be a good alternative to relieve crowding, rather than having healthy teeth extracted.

Citrus Heights, CA practice focuses on holistic dentistry

Sacramento Natural Dentistry provides a broad range of holistic services in keeping with the whole health concept. Call (916) 823-8585 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Darryl Azouz. He is eager to tell you about options such as ozone therapy, laser dentistry, gentle sedation, same-day CEREC crowns, dental treatments for snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorders, and more, available in Citrus Heights, CA.

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