Citrus Heights CA area dentist discusses dental implants

CA area dentist Dr. Darryl Azouz discusses dental implants

Sacramento Natural Dentistry will repair teeth with non-metal fillings, inlays and onlays, and other conservative procedures that retain maximum natural tooth structure. A superior approach to preferred tooth replacement with implants is also available at your trusted holistic dental practice in Citrus Heights CA.

When implants are more suitable than crowns.

Thanks to advanced therapies and materials, many teeth can be restored with beautiful and durable biocompatible crowns. In some cases, replacing existing tooth structure entirely may make more sense than building up existing tooth structure with porcelain or other non-metal dental materials.

Your teeth may be better-suited to implant-supported crowns or bridges should there be:

  • Severe fracturing
  • Insufficient supportive bone

If damage is to the extent that an entire tooth must be replaced, know that your artificial tooth will not be an inferior tooth. Implant-supported teeth at Sacramento Natural Dentistry are designed to appear, feel, and function like the healthy teeth that developed before decay or other trauma resulted in irreversible damage.

The best type of implant

As a holistic dentist, Sacramento Natural Dentistry’s focus on metal-free dental materials extends to the use of ceramic implants. The dental team uses an alternative to conventional titanium implants. Made from zirconia, this non-metal type of implant features:

  • Superior aesthetics free of the unnatural coloration at the gumline associated with metal implants
  • Proven strength and durability, which allows the implant-supported tooth to withstand even the most extreme bite forces from back teeth for the long life of your new crown

It is a biocompatible material. Zirconia is friendly and gentle to living tissues. This metal-free material doesn’t corrode, nor does it promote the development of bacteria that threatens the viability of the implant. These implants are suitable to patients with skin sensitivities, because they are hypoallergenic.

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