Ozone therapy puts the power of excited oxygen to work for Sacramento, CA patients

Dr. Azouz Darry in Sacramento Natural Dentistry explains how ozone therapy puts the power of excited oxygen to work

As a biological dental practice, Sacramento Natural Dentistry is committed to educating patients about healthier treatment options. Ozone therapy is a terrific example. Most people in don’t know what ozone is, how it is related to oxygen, or what makes it beneficial to patients in Sacramento, CA and across the world.

Understanding O3

 Ozone, with the chemical symbol O3, is a variant of oxygen (O2). Ozone is sometimes called excited oxygen, because ozone molecules are continually trying to kick off the extra atom. This results in the effect called oxidation.

Healthy cells in the body contain antioxidant enzymes, a protection against oxidation. However, pathogens – disease producing agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites – have cell structures lacking antioxidant enzymes. Thus, exposure to ozone destroys their cell membranes, resulting in disinfection.

Benefits of ozone therapy in dental treatment

Ozone therapy is ideal for treatment of periodontal disease, as well as many other oral disturbances. As just a few examples, Dr. Azouz uses ozone to sterilize an extraction site, reduce sensitivity when decay is close to a nerve, or eradicate infection in a pus-filled abscess.

Gum disease is a biofilm infection, a complex aggregation of harmful microorganisms (bacteria) growing on a solid surface (mouth tissues). The source of infection and inflammation is acidic, which carries a positive charge. Because ozone is negatively charged, infection attracts it. This chemistry makes application of ozonated water or ozone gas extremely efficient and effective.

  • Ozone therapy is painless.
  • Ozone sterilization leaves no toxic byproducts in the mouth.
  • Ozone kills pathogens 3,500 times faster than chlorine, with no side effects.
  • Healthy cells are not harmed by therapeutic application of ozone.
  • It treats the cause of oral health problems, rather than fixing a symptom.
  • Ozone can be used proactively to promote a healthy balance of flora in the mouth, instead of approaching dentistry as damage control.

Visit the Sacramento, CA dental practice that puts the powerfully safe disinfection properties of oxygen/ozone therapy to work for your oral health. Call Sacramento Natural Dentistry at (916) 823-8585.

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