Sacramento dentist explains, “How does the DNA appliance work?”

How does the DNA appliance work

It may not seem like it, but many health conditions such as sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, migraines, a bite that is off, and even cosmetic concerns such as crooked teeth and imbalanced facial structures can all be related. When a person’s dental structures are too small or misaligned, many far-reaching negative health effects can occur. That’s why Sacramento-area dentist Dr. Darryl Azouz is excited to offer his patients a new treatment option called the DNA Appliance® to naturally resolve a wide variety of conditions without invasive procedures. Here, he explains how it works and the benefits it can have on patient’s dental health and overall well-being.

Epigenetic orthodontics explained

To understand how the DNA Appliance works, it is first useful to have a grasp on what epigenetic orthodontics is. This field of dentistry is devoted to providing non-surgical options to patients to correct a variety of issues related to their jaw position, palate size, facial symmetry, and bite. Historically, invasive surgical procedures or years of uncomfortable and unsightly orthodontic appliances were the only option for treating these types of issues, but with epigenetic orthodontics, the body is able to naturally shift the oral structures into the optimal position, size, and shape for a healthy mouth and body. The way epigenetic orthodontics does this is by targeting immature embryonic cells to change the structure of the mouth. Another way of putting it is that epigenetic orthodontic therapies stimulate and optimize your genetic potential.

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How the DNA appliance works

How the DNA appliance worksThe DNA appliance is a dental device that harnesses the principles of epigenetic orthodontics to gently expand the upper jaw in three dimensions while simultaneously balancing the bite. When this happens, it:

  • Increases the size of the nasal passageways
  • Expands the upper jaw to eliminate tooth crowding
  • Shifts crooked, crowded teeth naturally back into their proper position
  • Moves the lower jaw forward
  • Increases the room in the mouth available for the tongue and soft tissues, reducing airway obstructions
  • Improves breathing and sleeping patterns

With all of these shifts in positioning and the space created by the appliance, patients find relief from a number of conditions and symptoms that can be caused by overcrowded, misaligned dental structures. This includes:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea – Because the nasal passages are more open and there is more room for the tongue and soft tissues, patients can get relief from sleep apnea without an invasive CPAP appliance. Sleep apnea has a number of negative health consequences and can even be life threatening, so when patients start sleeping better and they are receiving enough oxygen at night, it can not only help them feel more well-rested, but also restore their overall health. Bed partners are also happy to no longer listen to snoring night after night!
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) – TMJ disorder is very common and is generally caused by a strain on the temporomandibular joints from improper bite alignment, chronically clenching and grinding teeth, and other issues related to the positioning and size of the oral structures. When the DNA Appliance shifts the jaw into proper alignment and provides enough space in the mouth for optimal function, many patients find relief from their TMJ symptoms.
  • Jaw pain or feeling like the bite is off – The DNA Appliance shifts the lower jaw forward and properly aligns the upper and lower jaw, eliminating the uncomfortable feeling that the bite is off or the pain associated with a misaligned jaw. Issues such as chipped teeth due to grinding or misalignment are also resolved.
  • Headaches/migraines – Many people find that they get fewer headaches or migraines after their DNA Appliance treatment, as they no longer clench their jaw, grind their teeth, or suffer from other misalignments that can cause chronic headaches.
  • Allergies – Some patients find that the DNA Appliance even helps with their seasonal allergies, as their enlarged nasal passages and sinuses are better able to drain properly and clear the allergenic particles.

The benefits don’t end there! Other patients have experienced relief from neck and back pain, brain fog, child bed wetting, and chronic fatigue. Because the breathing patterns are improved after DNA Appliance treatment, athletes have even noticed improvements in their performance as their body more efficiently takes in oxygen and delivers it to muscles when it’s needed.

The DNA appliance also helps patients avoid extensive orthodontic work, such as years of metal braces or uncomfortable palate expanders, as well as dental procedures such as tooth extractions to free up space in the mouth.

Instead, it looks and feels just like a simple retainer and it only needs to be worn in the evenings and at night, freeing up your days to eat and drink anything you’d like without the need to remove it each time. When you only wear the appliance at night, your oral structures are given a resting period to heal and more gradually shift into place, reducing the possibility of damage due to too much continual force.

Learn more about the DNA Appliance

Dr. Darryl Azouz is a certified DNA Appliance provider and is highly skilled at working with patients to provide this effective treatment for a variety of health issues. If you are interested in learning more about the DNA Appliance and whether it is a good option for you or your child, call Sacramento Natural Dentistry at (916) 823-8585 to schedule an appointment today!

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